Teach all saxophones, flute, clarinet and piano. It can be classical, jazz or popular.
I believe, the most important thing is to inspire, to encourage, to unlock the talent one has within. Oftentimes, teaching is making a student aware of his/her own potential.

Over the years, I also found that my students are my teachers. Together, we find the questions and explore the answers.

Depending on where you want to go with it, you can look at music from many different directions. That is what I love about teaching. It is always new.

Piano, basic and popular
Improvisation for all instruments
Jazz theory and harmony
Saxophone basic and advanced
Flute, clarinet
Ensemble coaching
Jazz composition and arranging
As a faculty member of Slope Music School (271 9th St, Park Slope Brooklyn NY, 11215) – inviting prospective students: flute, clarinet, saxophone!
In this beautiful house!

My triad lessons on MUMEBO – major triads, minor triads and quartal triads, an innovative way to practice and interiorize triads and inversions!You learn to hear and recognize, not just to play.
Lena Bloch on MUMEBO

By Sylvain Durand, 2013


25 years of private teaching in Israel, Germany, United States
State Music Schools in Germany (1999-2003) – middle and high school students,
Teaching Assistantship at the University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department
of Music (2003-2005)
Amherst Red Barn Music School (2005-2008)
Workshop at Lyndonville State College, VT with Ambassadors Of Light (2004)
Workshop at the Berkshire Hills Music Academy (2005)
Lakeland Conservatory of Victor DeLisa (2011-2012)
Woodmere Music Studio LI NY (2012-2014)
Westchester Music Studio NY (2013-2016)
Slope Music School, Brooklyn NY (2015-current)
Please feel free to CONTACT ME for clinics, workshops and private lessons!



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