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My triad lessons on MUMEBO – major triads, minor triads and quartal triads, an innovative way to practice and internalize triads and inversions!
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Listen, download and buy a hard copy of our album directly from the Thirteenth Note record label page. LENA BLOCH QUARTET “FEATHERY”

"Feathery" cover design by Chris Drukker

“Feathery” cover design by Chris Drukker

Our current Feathery quartet has Russ Lossing on piano, Cameron Brown on bass and Billy Mintz on drums. We perform original compositions by Lena Bloch and Russ Lossing, featuring each musician in the band. Please check my page “Performances” for our upcoming shows.
“Although Lena Bloch’s FEATHERY Quartet resembles a traditional tenor saxophone quartet, it’s really a small orchestra of shape-changers. Melodic lines pass from one player to another, and there is no clear dividing line between “horn” and “rhythm,” with equal emphasis given to sonic masters Billy Mintz and Cameron Brown. The group offers compositions by Bloch and pianist Russ Lossing, extended forms, pensive, rollicking, or dark, leisurely thoughtful dances. At the end of a Feathery set, one has done more than hear improvisation; one has taken gentle zigzag journeys.”

Michael Steinman, JAZZ LIVES

My debut Album “Feathery” (Thirteenth Note Records, with Dave Miller (guitar), Cameron Brown (bass), Billy Mintz (drums) is one of the Top 10 Jazz CD’s 2014:Top 10 Jazz CD's Feathery
Voted as one of the Best Jazz CD’s 2014 and Best Debut Album 2014 at the NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll by Dan Morgenstern and Elzy Kolb:Bloch - Dan Morgenstern NPR Jazz Critics Poll 2014


4 stars in Downbeat (May)!
DB Review

All About Jazz by Dan McCleneghan:
“Debuts are rarely this assured. The band is first rate, as spontaneous and fresh as it could be, the leader has a clear vision, and the compelling music shines a light on a fresh side of the Lennie Tristano side of jazz.”

Lena Bloch: Feathery

“Feathery” is now for sale on CD Baby:
Buy MP3 and album cover art/liner notes here:

Great thanks to all friends who supported us on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, I am very moved by your encouragement, sending you my love. Special thanks to Michael Steinman Jazz Lives, K.C. and Gearldyne Marsh, Gary Foster, Ted Brown, Gary Levy, Bob Arturs, Roberta Piket, Chris Drukker, Meredith Whittaker, Vermont Jazz Center, Paul Arslanian, Andy Fite, Mala Waldron, Ohad Talmor, Seunghee Han, Clare Daly, Dori Levine, Joop Van Der Lei, Stephen Mosca, Steve Ascolese, Greg Burk and all my dear friends all over the world.

"Feathery" cover design by Chris Drukker

“Feathery” cover design by Chris Drukker

Read about the album and about me in the Jazz Inside Magazine interview (April 2014):
Read the PDF here

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