What Is An Adobe Vip Agreement

It is a preferential price agreement made available to HEAnet, its member institutions and consumers of its services. 1.1 The general duration and duration of the program. The VIP program is a flexible licensing program that allows qualified and legitimate customers to manage and provide licenses for products purchased through the program. The VIP program is an affiliate program with licensing periods, as defined in Section 3.4 of this Agreement. As soon as the organization registers for membership via the VIP administration user interface and is included in the program by Adobe, the organization is a member of the program (“member”) until the earliest date adobe terminates the program, b) that contract is terminated. Member participation is also subject to the conditions set out in the program guide, which can be updated from time to time and are available under www.adobe.com/go/vip_program_guide_en (“Program Guide”). The program guide is inserted into the agreement by reference. Adobe can change the terms of the program at its sole discretion. If the terms of the program change the member, the member may be forced to re-accept the program terms in the console. 2.2 Console.

The user interface for program management is “Admin Console.” As soon as the terms of this agreement are accepted, the person who is accepted on behalf of the Organization is assigned as the holder of the contract. The contract owner can add system administrators (one “administrator” each). The contract owner and each administrator have access to admin Console, where they can access the product, manage their subscriptions and view their account information. Admin Console allows the administrator to invite additional users within his organization to access the administration console. The member authorizes any director or contract holder to act on behalf of the member. 5.3 Use of information. Adobe may use information about members or partners, including name and contact information, to fulfill obligations under the agreement. For more information, visit the Adobe Privacy Center (adobe.com/privacy). The resellers of this agreement are all under contract on the corresponding lot of the National HE/FE Framework Agreement for Software License Resellers (SLRA) Government Entity.