Travel Agency Agreement With Airline

The dual mandate system is based on the travel agency`s dual relationship with both the customer and the airline – on the one hand, the travel agency receives instructions from the customer on booking airline tickets; On the other hand, the travel agency receives instructions from the airline to sell air tickets and collect the ticket price on behalf of the carrier. These two agency contracts therefore have different areas of application, so that the customer who wishes to make a travel agency or an air carrier responsible must assert rights with the party concerned. Several complaints concerning these issues are currently edsuming before the Belgian courts. Tickets issued under the travel agency`s ticketing contract may not combine an Alaska fare with a private fare submitted by another airline. Tickets issued in violation of this rule result in the issuance of a levy. The customer is not entitled to sue the airline for obligations arising from the agency contract between the agency and the customer. “Member States take the necessary steps to ensure that the organiser and/or contracting parties are required by the consumer to properly fulfil the obligations arising from the contract, whether these obligations are met by that organiser and/or by retailers or other service providers. B, without prejudice to the right of the organizer and/or retailer to sue these other service providers.” We offer your staff the ability to receive the latest travel messages, notifications and offers via email. Recipients can unsubscribe at any time.

The provider of your travel service has its own terms of use (for example. B transport or accommodation conditions or car rental conditions). All of these conditions (including limitations of liability) apply to all travel services booked under this agreement and, therefore, a reference to the “this agreement” (i) indicates the conditions set out in this agreement; (ii) the terms and conditions in your credit statement (if any); and (iii) all the terms and conditions of a provider of your travel services. In the event of an inconsistency between the terms and conditions of a travel service provider and the terms and conditions set out above, priority is given to the general terms and conditions of the travel service provider, unless a provision of the travel service provider`s general terms and conditions is considered invalid or unenforceable. Your travel service providers are identified on your itinerary or travel documents and their respective terms and conditions are posted directly on their websites or by contact with them.