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“Rippling energy and sublimely weightless interplay.” – DownBeat Magazine

Feathery – Lena Bloch (saxophone, composition), Russ Lossing (piano, composition), Cameron Brown (bass), Billy Mintz (drums, percussion) ——- ABOUT

The quartet is about four years old and has been presenting original music, composed by the band members. The music is of improvisational nature, the emphasis is put on musical communication, spontaneous compositional decisions, where each member of the group is a soloist and an accompanist at the same time. FEATHERY draws its inspiration from diverse musical traditions: 21st Century New Music, Middle-Eastern, Jewish, Eastern-European, jazz, Western classical music.
“We’re not trying to produce something already contrived beforehand,” Lena Bloch insists. “Jazz doesn’t have to be risk free – on the contrary, I think risk is a great factor! Because I trust the professionalism and experience of these people, risk and challenge only facilitate the result. The less safe we all feel, the better it is for the music.”
The unique combination of following a spontaneous instinct wherever it might lead and creating a sound that stands on its own distinctive merits is captured by the band’s whimsical name. It suggests something lighter than air, diaphanous, and Feathery’s music is that, certainly. But as Bloch also points out, “A feather is something that drifts in the wind. At the same time it is a very beautiful, concrete object. The beauty of a feather is in its submissiveness and its openness to change, but at the same time it has beauty in itself.”
Lena Bloch is an Israeli-American composer and band leader, based in New York City. She has been leading her own chamber groups, performing original music since 1990, in Israel, Europe and the US.
Feathery’s new album “HEART KNOWS’ was released in September 2017, on Fresh Sound New Talent.

In his liner notes to the album, Dan Morgenstern wrote:
“It is a rare and most pleasant surprise to encounter music that is new and different and find it instantly likable. “Collective” is the key word here, to this listener, for this is truly musical togetherness, creating a sound all its own”.


“In spite of its complexity and its intricate layering the music is light as a feather in perception. It leaves such a deep impression that one is quickly tempted to listen to it again.” – Bernard Lefevre, Jazz Halo (Belgium)
“The stunning thing about every performance here is the delicate blend of composed music and spontaneous invention” – Donald Elfman, New York City Jazz Record
“…unwaveringly cohesive…bone-deep gorgeousness…complex, compelling and beautiful, sounds of the highest quality and inspiration laid down by a premier jazz quartet.” – Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz
“Heart Knows finds Bloch and company exploring a musical realm where concepts and preconceived notions fall by the wayside, making room for the spontaneously composed to be seamlessly entwined with evocative, open compositions. As the quartet pushes forward, they are resolved to continue inviting listeners to participate in that mystery.” – Karl Helander, Chamber Music America Magazine
“All of the music contains ideas and executions that point to Lena Bloch’s ability to write poignant melodies. Each is wonderfully mysterious and atmospheric and every one of the songs has an undertow of raw power that drives their melodies forward. All are extraordinarily crafted compositions, defining a mood in the space of a bar or two, and take precious little time to completely infiltrate the listener’s mind before letting it go. ” – Raul DaGama, Jazz DaGama, Canada

Music Web International review of Heart Knows, read here.

Interview with Lena Bloch in Chamber Music America Magazine, Winter 2018 (page 11), read here.

Title track from the album:

Lateef Suite, Live 2016

Three Treasures, Live 2016

Newfoundsong (Russ Lossing)

Esmeh (Lena Bloch), Live 2018, listen on SoundCloud!

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