Nsgeu Collective Agreement Local 34

In a statement published on its website, the NSGEU negotiating team informed its members on Thursday that after three days around the table, no progress had been made in reaching a new collective agreement. In an email Thursday, Caroline Campbell, business director of human services, said the company is seeking an agreement that supports the growing need for home support services. To prepare for a strike vote, Local 34 will hold town hall meetings by telephone monday morning and Monday evening. The place has about 420 members. What is conciliation? Conciliation is a precondition for Nova Scotia`s Trade Act, which takes place in the absence of regular negotiations. Each party may ask the Minister of Labour and Continuing Education to seek the services of a mediator. The mediator does not have the power to impose a transaction on either party. Instead, their role is to mediate between the parties and help them reach an agreement. We are committed to reaching an interim agreement that your negotiating committee can recommend. “We look forward to working with the union in this process to maintain positive working conditions for our employees who help them continue to provide the quality services our customers have become accustomed to,” said Mr. Campbell. Contractual talks between Northwood Homecare Ltd and the union representing the company`s home care workers have been difficult.

However, not only did your employer not make any proposals on these issues, but he did not even join your representatives of the bargaining committee and the conciliator at the table to try to postpone all outstanding issues to another day. “Your bargaining committee believes that a strong strike vote is the only way to break the deadlock in negotiations with your employer,” he said. On Wednesday, May 1, your bargaining committee and your employer meet for conciliation. At this stage, no substantive proposal has yet been agreed and the parties have agreed to meet again on 30 and 31 May. “Your bargaining committee has entered into conciliation in the hope that your employer will finally be prepared to negotiate important outstanding issues, including wages, working time, vacancy notices and travel rules,” he said. The current Northwood Homecare/NSGEU contract expired in March 2015. Our discussions with the union on the outstanding negotiations will continue on June 26, and we hope to find a solution at this stage. In addition to home care, Northwood has long-term care facilities in Halifax and Bedford.