“I felt as if I had witnessed art both translucent and powerful, with echoes of Lester Young and Brahms, of Eastern meditation and collective invention: strong but never harsh, sweetly fulfilling in its desire to ask questions without worrying about conclusions.” Michael Steinman, jazz journalist
“Jazz Lives”

  • Lena Bloch Quartet:
    with Russ Lossing (piano), Cameron Brown (bass), Billy Mintz (drums)

  • Lena Bloch-Dan Tepfer-Dave Miller-Billy Mintz

  • Frank Carlberg-Lena Bloch Quartet

  • Lena Bloch – Roberta Piket Duo
    Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.58.35 PM

  • Open Ear Trio- Nicholas Letman (bass), Deric Dickens (drums), Lena Bloch (sax)

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